Saturday, May 26, 2012

Air Travel Indignities Continue to Pile Up

It is “conventional wisdom” that among the several reasons for the steady increase in Amtrak ridership is the corresponding increase in the hassle that now comes with air travel. Once – and not that long ago -- it was actually fun to fly. Today the most we can hope for is that any given flight won’t be unpleasant.

It’s not one thing; it’s the gradual accumulation of all the little indignities that have made it so: security hassles, crowded flights, over-bookings, loss of legroom and on board “service” that has become all but nonexistent. Ah, but as the TV pitchmen say, “But wait! There’s more!”

Some of the airlines are apparently going to start charging extra for window or aisle seats.

(Note, please, that at this time my favorite airline, Hawaiian, has no plans to implement these extra charges.)

Truth is, even though I’ve lived in Hawaii for 50 years and have probably taken 200 trans-Pacific flights, I still feel uncomfortable – even a bit claustrophobic – if I’m not in a window seat. Fortunately, I have accumulated enough miles with both American and Hawaiian Airlines that I will most probably not be affected.

But it’s just one more reason why I will continue to fly to the U.S. mainland and switch immediately to Amtrak!


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It is not fare charging extra & it may be the cause of losses of goodwill.Petter Joe

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