Friday, March 9, 2012

Transportation Choices = Mobility = A Better Economy.

Life can be very frustrating for those of us trying to convince elected officials at all levels of government that rail has an important role to play in bringing mobility to the American public.

And “mobility” is the key … one of the major factors in building an expanding and stable economy. Because the more mobile people are, the greater their opportunity for finding better, higher-paying jobs.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you’re offered a good job at a great company with offices right in the center of a major city. The job pays well, offers stability, and there’s real opportunity for advancement.

But you live in a suburban community and the daily commute would be 45 miles … each way.

Would you take the job if you had to drive to work every day? Through bumper-to-bumper traffic? An hour and a quarter each way on good days? With gas heading north of four bucks a gallon? And in all kinds of weather?

Maybe. But, then again, maybe not.

However, what if there’s a transit system? A train, running on an elevated track, immune to automobile traffic and pretty much impervious to weather? It gets you from suburb to a downtown stop in under an hour and you can read the morning paper on the way.

See? That’s what transportation choices -– mobility -- can do for you and for your family. And, multiplying that by thousands of other families, that’s what mobility does for our economy.

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Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Yes, trains (mobility) can provide comfortable ride to the passengers and have greater advantages than riding cars or buses that run along the highway with that heavy traffic...grrr...