Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tom! Look Out for the Squirrels!!

Oklahoma is represented in the U.S. Senate by a man named Tom Coburn. He is a Republican. And he is an idiot.

Tom Coburn’s loony and outrageous opinions cover so many diverse topics that the scope of his idiocy could actually be considered impressive!

For example, Coburn says doctors and other health workers who perform abortions should face the death penalty.

He says the gay agenda “is the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today.”

He called Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring “junk science” and complained that it unfairly caused the pesticide DDT to be banned.

Tom Coburn caught my attention last year when he tried to hold up funding for Amtrak because he said Amtrak’s food service lost $2 billion a year … a figure so wildly, outrageously, insanely wrong that the mind boggles. (Amtrak’s entire federal subsidy at that time was around $1.2 billion.)

And now for the latest outrage from Tom Coburn: This past week, Coburn introduced an amendment to a bill that would protect the rights of credit card holders. His amendment would allow people to carry loaded guns into our national parks. And now the bill itself is all snarled up because of Coburn’s totally irrelevant amendment.

If elected officials are accurate representations of their constituencies, are we not able to assume, then, that at least 51 percent of Oklahoma voters are idiots?

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jsyeham said...


I'm disappointed in your comment about Oklahoma voters in your May 16 blog. It was over the top and not worthy of you. It was my understanding that you were going (to try) to keep this kind of very personal, political invective off this blog.

I enjoy your many articles on train travel. Glad you are there.

Jim Hammett