Friday, December 12, 2008

Let’s Get More Money For Passenger Trains

There is no doubt now that there will be a huge stimulus package coming in the first days of the Obama Administration. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that the talk so far has most of the money going to roads and bridges.

Mass transit has also been mentioned – and that’s good – but now is the time to really rebuild Amtrak and the rest of our national passenger rail system … more commuter trains, more corridor trains, high-speed trains linking major cities, and new routes and more frequency for long-distance trains. All of it!

The best way to help is by contacting your representatives in Congress. You can also become a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers, headquartered in Washington, DC. NARP does most of the heavy lifting on this issue. Go here for details.

And here's the best idea: Take a train ride!

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Mike said...

Jim, agree with your well-taken point and I'll write my rep (an "R" puppet, but I'll write him anyway) and two Senators.

A minor admin note: best not to send paper letters because I understand they're still hand-screened for anthrax. Better to send an e-mail, fax or phone call.

Speaking of taking a train ride, we're planning on Richmond-Charleston the end of Feb, and all or parts of San Antonio-L.A., L.A.-Seattle (w/ a couple of stops along the way), Seattle-Chicago in the fall.

My Lord, Amtrak is SO much fun! And I've spent my adult life in transportation and consider Amtrak a regrettably overlooked but effective means of moving pax and some cargo, too.